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Best Cafes to Visit in Seminyak, Bali

Best Cafes to Visit in Seminyak, Bali

Shame on you in the event that you haven’t been to Bali yet, it is a consecrated travel goal all Singaporeans should yearn for – well, disgrace on both my partner and I then as we had as of late made our first scrounge into Bali.

We have willingly volunteered accumulate a quintessential bistro list, which incorporates all the great, the new and the delectables that you should visit while you’re there on an occasion.

We are super eager to impart this to you – kindly do this rundown equity by devouring everything that we did and don’t stress over displaying your hot post sustenance paunch bodies, since you can.

  1. Livingstone Cafe & Bakery

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    Home of the super cute and novel watermelon bread, the Livingstone shares a concept store on the second level with another tenant, selling classy minimalist apparels and lifestyle accessories.
    In a gorgeous wooden and industrial interior full of natural light, the Livingstone is a gorgeous place to relax with a cuppa. Their standard coffees are pretty decent.

  2. Movo Kitchen

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    Definitely one of the newer kids on the block – because construction works were still going on while we were dining in – MOFO offers up pretty interesting renditions of egg dishes. Served in a cute glass jar, this dish boasts of mushrooms, peppers and of course, a poached egg. The fancier part lies in how the waiter serves the lemongrass espuma through a siphon, unfortunately it is still a WIP (work in progress). We had the steak sandwich, which came with a knife piercing through it right down to the cork board that it was served in. I’m not sure if I’m being weird but it really tasted slightly like a peppery chicken meat to me, but still delectable nonetheless.

  3. Grocer and Grind

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    A stellar area to be in because there are so many cafes to choose from, and Grocer & Grind is one of them. I know Sisterfields is just right next door and it can get too crowded because the whole of Bali is there, so why not give Grocer & Grind a chance and while away in a serene fashion.

  4. Biku

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    Housed in a dark wood gable roof cabin, Biku honestly doesn’t feel like a café at all with their traditional architecture and decor. Decorated with batik prints, an ornate roof and oriental wooden statues, the seemingly purely Balinese restaurant serves a mean English-style Breakfast.

  5. The Fat Turtle

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    Less than a minute away from Montigo Resorts Seminyak is Fat Turtle, a café known for their pancakes, and being foodies, we of course can’t miss that out.  We heard they have recently introduced a salted egg croffin. The pancakes are aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t discount on its flavour either. They’re soft and combines well with the chocolate cookie soil and honey comb served with it – the only thing I wished for is to have a thicker serving of cream cheese mousse filling in between pancakes and also maple syrup, because greedy.

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