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Best Cofee Palce in Jakarta

Best Coffee Places in Jakarta

Indonesia is home to many of the best coffee beans in the world, and it is only fair that Indonesia, Jakarta especially, drink more coffee and do the art of coffee drinking justice. So we rejoiced as more equally passionate and professional local coffee brewers and roasters kept popping up and spread around the city. We are sure that this list will grow, but for now, here are some of the best places that we can think of, that you definitely should try:


1. Common Grounds


Common Grounds is one of the forefront in Jakarta’s ‘third wave’ coffee movement, where single origin artisan coffee is usually the focus. The founders, Daryanto, Aston, and Yoshua have achieved barista accolades both in and out of Indonesia, and common grounds is where you can judge it yourself. Also serving brunch, must try items in this place are the Egg Benedict and Huavos Ranchreos con Rendang.

2. Anomali Coffee


Established in 2007, Anomali Coffee is one of the forefronts in promoting Indonesian single origin coffee beans to both the country’s coffee drinkers and the world. Anomali roasts their organic Aceh Gayo, Bali Kintamani, Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena, Luwak, and other premium beans in-house and brew them with care using their prized Italian espresso machines. Baristas wannabes or just coffee-heads can also get advanced espresso training at their Senopati branch.

3. St. Ali

st ali jakarta

One of the most popular and trendy coffee shop in Melbourne Australia, St. Ali branched out and quickly stole the limelight of the rapidly growing third wave coffee culture of Jakarta with their first and (currently) only shop outside of Australia.  For the coffee here they serve both manual brew and espresso based coffee, using their “Orthodox Blend”, a mix of Colombia and Brazil beans for the espresso based, and their signature “Colombia Portillo” blend for the manual brew.

4. Tanamera


This is where the hard core coffee heads get their coffee; Tanamera Coffee produces freshly roasted beans according to the unique formulas of their coffee experts. By adjusting the roasting profile for each coffee, they bring out the delicate flavours, notes, and aromas that are characteristic to each variety, processing method and origin. Just recently, Tanamera’s roasters won the prestigious ‘Champion International Roaster’ at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition.

Tanamera source Arabica coffee beans from Indonesia’s most renowned regions of coffee production,and freshly roast them in-house on their Giesen Coffee-Roasters, which you can witness yourself in their Thamrin shop. Don’t forget to bring home some of their intense cold brew to make your cup of Tanamera Coffee at home.

5. Benedict

One of the best places to get coffee and breakfast in Jakarta. Located in 2 of Jakarta’s main malls, Grand Indonesia and Pacific Place mall,  Benedict takes breakfast items to great height Benedict and has a designated coffee bar with specially curated from Crop to Cup coffee options from their, all using the Benedict Blend of 100% Indonesian Arabica coffee from Toraja, Dolok Sanggul, and West Java. In addition to the beans, the restaurant’s group barista Day Hendratno also highlights other locally sourced products such as coconut, pepper, and palm sugar.

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