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Best Ramen Place in Tokyo

On the off chance that you are going to Tokyo, you will need ramen. Genuine obsessives could joyfully develop a weeklong journey without scratching the surface: Tokyo’s ramen scene is immense, including a scope of neighborhood styles, as shoyu and tsukemen (plunging noodles), and in addition local varieties, from tonkotsu (pork-based) to miso, in its almost 7,000 ramenya. So as opposed to going looking for ramen, why not let it come to you?

Here are a couple of decision shops in prime areas, in addition to several diamonds worth searching out more remote away from home. Remember that prevalent shops can summon an extensive line, with hold up times extending from 30 minutes to 60 minutes (or more). A bowl will commonly set you back about ¥800.

むぎとオリーブ (Mugitooribu in Ginza)

Mugitooribu (which deciphers as wheat and olive) mixes together an extraordinary triple soup of chicken juices, dashi, and shellfish stock for a profound impression of umami. The noodles are foreign from a regarded processing plant in Kyoto, and the eggs originate from Japan’s No. 1 provider, Sailor (セーラー). Make certain to include a tad bit of the first olive oil sauce for another layer of flavor.

  • 6 Chome-12-12 Ginza
    Chūō-ku, Tōkyō-to 104-0061, Japan
  • +81 3-3571-2123

志奈そば 田なか Second (Shinasoba Tanaka Second in Akihabara)

The whole menu at Tanaka Second is great, yet the kakesoba truly emerges. The soup, made with abalone and Japanese sharp lobster, is decadent to the point that it is served plain with noodles — no fixings sloppy the stun of uncut sea enhance. Proprietor cook Tanaka-san is a surfer who lives by the ocean, and the ramen mirrors his sensibility. Despite the fact that constrained to only 30 bowls every day, it seldom offers out.

  • 3 Chome-4-1 Sotokanda
    Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0021, Japan
  • +81 3-3258-5282

自家製麺 MENSHO TOKYO (Homemade Noodles MENSHO TOKYO in Kasuga)


Mensho Tokyo’s lord, Shono-san, has a couple of shops, each with an alternate style. His fifth shop, simply outside Tokyo Dome, serves pork tonkotsu and sheep bone soup, his very own extraordinary style development. His shop’s counter is stuffed with sauces, for example, simmered tea powder and a unique zest made with star anise and cloves.

  • 1 Chome-15-9 Kasuga
    Bunkyō-ku, Tōkyō-to 112-0003, Japan
  • +81 3-3830-0842


牛骨らぁ麺 マタドール (Gyukotsu Ramen Matador in Kita-Senju)

 While Matador is not as focal as different shops, on the off chance that you need to attempt the best hamburger ramen in Tokyo, it’s a beneficial trek. Get the zeitaku yakigyū ramen (the most costly one at ¥1,150). It accompanies a monstrous cut of dish hamburger, additional stewed meat, and an egg. Unquestionably justified regardless of the ¥250 value climb over the ordinary bowl. 

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  • 〒120-0025 Tōkyō-to, Adachi-ku, Senjuazuma, 2 Chome−4−17, 中村ビル
  • +81 3-3888-3443


KABOちゃん (Kabochan in Komagome)

Kabochan out of the blue consolidates two Japanese claims to fame: ramen and kakigōri (shaved ice). The ramen, particularly the miso, is dearest by ramen geeks for its mix of impactful miso and a unique flavor mix, while the kakigōri is the ideal after-ramen dessert — not very substantial or sweet, and constantly arranged with the freshest regular organic products. Endeavor to land around 20 minutes before it opens at 6 p.m., as the shop just seats six individuals.

  • 1 Chome-54-1 Nishigahara
    Kita-ku, Tōkyō-to 114-0024, Japan


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