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Best Sushi in Tokyo

Best Sushi in Tokyo

Presently sushi can be discovered everywhere throughout the world, however you should attempt the genuine delectable sushi on the off chance that you come to Japan. Incredible sushi won’t come modest and endeavoring to get a reservation can be troublesome, yet it’s a one of a kind feasting background that is justified regardless of the overdo it and all the problem. A trek to Tokyo wouldn’t be finished without your fill of Japan’s most notorious dish, with the capital being home to a decent number of ace sushi gourmet specialists running their own particular Michelin-featured eateries. In case you’re searching for the most elite, beneath is a rundown of the city’s most noteworthy appraised Sushi Restaurants.

  1. Sugita

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    In the case of Sugita, Michelin Stars are irrelevant. This restaurant doesn’t have a star and yet those who have eaten here claim it to have a 3 Michelin Star quality sushi. More popularly known as Miyako Sushi, the store changed its name to Sugita when it moved to its new address. The restaurant has a down-to-earth vibe that serves bigger portions of sushi. And although it doesn’t have the Michelin stamp of approval, it is ultra-popular among Tokyoites, which makes the booking hurdle quite comparable to Sushi Saito.

  2. Mitani

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    More than just a sushi bar, Mitani is a place for a culinary journey. On top of the delectable sushi courses, a series of sensational appetizers made from choice seasonal ingredients elevates further this restaurant’s Omakase repertoire. The wine and sake selection is also commendable, with a sommelier to recommend the best kind of wine to go with each dish. This place is extra exclusive though as you need an introduction from a local to book a reservation.

  3. Sushi So Masa

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    Chef Masakatsu Oka is Tokyo sushi dining scene’s rising star. He is the protégé of Sushi Sho’s Chef Nakazawa. Hence, the Sushi Sho homage in his own sushi restaurant. But unlike his master who goes all the way with Edo-style preparation, Chef Masa bends a little bit to accommodate more styles in order to serve a wider range of sushi options to his customers. He won’t stop serving you sushi until you’re tired of eating and in this basement sushi bar, expect to be given rare fish in season and seafood done in so many different ways. If you’re curious about the food you’re eating, the chef will pull out his seafood bible to show you what it is. While the meal doesn’t come cheap, it sure is value for money given that you get to spend 2-3 hours dining premium sushi until you give up.

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  4. Suki Bayashi Jiro

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    Among all the ace culinary specialists in this rundown, Jiro-san is one that needn’t bother with any presentation. The narrative film has shot him to overall distinction that maybe every sushi fan from all edges of the globe is interested to involvement for themselves what the object is about. Alongside Sushi Saito, Sukibayashi Jiro is one of the main two sushi eateries in Tokyo with a 3 Michelin Stars rating. Sukibayashi Jiro has two branches, one in Roppongi and the fundamental one is Ginza. In the event that you need to see the living legend in real life, it is the Ginza branch you should book. In any case, it is very hard to get a reservation here in the event that you are not joined by a nearby or if nothing else a Japanese speaker.

  5. Takumi Shingo

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    Takumi Shingo is a sushi put possessed by another Sushi Sho graduate. In this sushi bar, the main alternative you have is to go Omakase where you leave everything to the skilled hands of Chef Shingo. He is exceptionally mindful to his coffee shops’ needs and articulations so he can modify everybody’s supper as well as can be expected. In case you’re a consumer, he will even haul out purpose that runs best with each dish. For him, the general experience is as critical as conveying extraordinary sushi. Given this, hope to be well taken minded of in his eatery.

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