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Fruits to Try From Around the World

Fruits to Try From Around the World

As you probably are aware, natural products are one of the most beneficial nourishments you can add to your day by day abstain from food. Yet, you can’t locate every single sound natural product in the market. There are numerous uncommon, supplement rich natural products on the planet. These natural products develop just under some particular conditions. Here the rundown of 10 Rarest Fruits you most likely haven’t known about.

  1. Dragon Fruit
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    Colorful red and green cactus fruit with white flesh spotted with tiny black seeds, similar in texture to a kiwifruit. While the appearance is dramatic, the flavor was surprisingly subtle. Dragon fruit is native to Mexico but is now grown across Latin America and in Asia.
  2. Passino Fruit
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    Small, golf-ball sized red or yellow fruit with hard skin and tart, jucy seeds that you can scoop out with a spoon. Passion fruit is native to South America, but it’s now grown around the world.
  3. Durian

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    Durian is a large, spiky fruit native to Southeast Asia. It’s famous for its pungent aroma and savory smell that is sometimes described as fried onions While foreigners often have a tough time stomaching the smell, it’s much loved in many parts of Asia. At our tasting, we cracked into it last, so that it wouldn’t interfere with our other flavors. Everyone tried it but only a few people liked it. The best description I heard for the strong flavor was “garlic pudding.” One #FruitCrawl attendee took some home and said she planned to make a durian cheesecake!

  4. Cherimoya

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    Cherimoya was one of the most popular new discoveries at our FruitCrawl. The fruit, native to South America is filled with a soft, custard-like white flesh that gives it the nickname “custard apple.”  I think it tastes like a combination of banana, pineapple, and bubblegum.

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  5. Sour Plum

    Sour plums are the same variety of summer-ripening plums that we know and love, picked in the spring when they are still sour and green. They are a common season snack food in the Middle East, where they are enjoyed dipped in salt

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