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Laneway Brunch at Monolog

Laneway Brunch at Monolog

Back on the informal breakfast temporary fad after a concise rest from Jakarta, I was quick to attempt another great regard this Saturday as I got up to speed with companions. After a hot tip from one of Jakarta’s numerous way of life mags, I settled on Monolog Quality Coffee, situated on the ground floor of Plaza Senayan.

As though bistro’s in shopping centers aren’t sufficiently hard to get used to, Monolog is really arranged in the lower floor carpark of Senayan, tucked in the middle of columns of white lines and maserati’s. Presumably not the most persuasive of areas, you may get yourself wonderfully shocked as, venturing onto the strip, you get yourself transported to one of Melbourne’s boutique laneways.

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Confined by roof to-floor open glass windows, Monolog spills out onto a thin pathway comfortably neighboured by similarly stylish looking bistros and bars. Wooden stools and tables sprawl outside, while inside houses a jigaw of seats that can be crushed together to suit any size or kind of gathering.

Arriving sooner than we expected, Andrew and I accepted the open door to test Monolog’s well known espresso, combined with a Nutella macaroon (RP12,000), an unobtrusive choice from a really dribble commendable baked good retire, which highlights larger than usual doughnuts trickling with icing (RP30,000), Oreo mud cake (RP50,000) and a pistachio lemon meringue (RP38,000).

Desires of heavenliness met, we were quick to get the requesting in progress once our companions arrived. In spite of the fact that not the most inventive of early lunch menus (see my informal breakfast blog on Social House in case you’re searching for a genuine breakfast/lunch combination), Monolog’s throughout the day breakfast suppers highlight a variety of crisp gourmet fixings, perfectly plated and painstakingly intended to satisfy.

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Propelled by one of the site’s element photographs, I decided on the Croque Madame, a green pea and basil pesto spread toasty, finished with a singed egg and loaded with ham and sauteed mushrooms (RP, 78,000). Different top choices on our table included Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon and dill hollandaise (RP80,000), and an open-colored salmon bagel with tricks and cream cheddar (RP86,000). Additionally significant are Monolog’s choice of newly crushed Super Juices (beginning at RP38,000), which are liberal in size and flavor. In the event that these costs sound costly, take note of that they are comprehensive of assessment and administration charge, an uncommon however extremely welcome deviation from one of my pet despises in Jakarta.

After such quite a while away in the city (and having been encompassed by the culinary enjoyments of none other than the Internationally-eminent Ubud), it was invigorating to toss myself once more into Jakarta’s developing notoriety for gastronomical greatness, with popular bistros, for example, Monolog setting another bar for the standard Saturday early lunch.

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