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Reviews Cafe Rokeby Singapore

Opened for just a year or more, Rokeby has turned into a well known bistro in Lorong Chuan, with regulars from the area and cafehoppers who go far and out for its delicous nourishment. They have persistently attempted to enhance their sustenance, espresso and store design, and has kept up a decent consistency, bringing burger joints back over and over.

Having stayed in Australia for some years, the cafe owners have tried to instil a sense of familiarity with a laid back and woody style in their cafe interior. Even the name “Rokeby” was adapted from a town in Australia.This place is strictly for meals as it is usually crowded during meal times, especially on the weekends. They do not have wifi and power points for laptops as well, so enjoy Rokeby for its food and coffee.

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This cup of Cafe Latte. The aroma was really good, and the complex taste gave a very interesting experience. Some fruity taste, as well as a mix of sweetness and bitterness emerged as it rolled on the tongue. There was a slight tint of bitterness in the after taste.

I could find no complaints with the food served at Rokeby and I would definitely recommend it for your brunch hunts. The simple and laidback interior provides a relaxing ambience for enjoyment of hearty meals with friends and family. I would recommend you to have a try of the coffee here as I personally liked the complexity and balance in the taste.

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