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The Most Beautiful Places in Australia

The Most Beautiful Places in Australia

Austr absolutely is a lovely nation to visit. Nonetheless, there is substantially more to it than the outstanding notorious scenes and greater urban areas. Australia’s one of a kind character is additionally reflected in the littler towns which are similarly as shocking and remunerating to investigate. This rundown investigates Australia’s 10 most beguiling must-visit towns.

  1. Alice Springs | Northern Territory

    Glen Helen Waterhole Central Australia near Alice Springs | © mark higgins/Shutterstock
    When most people think about remote destinations in Australia, they think about Alice Springs, and for the right reasons. Indeed, Alice Springs draws the more adventurous type of traveller as it is located close to the famous Uluru; an impressive sandstone rock formation that rises out of endless flat bush. At the border of the McDonnell Ranges surrounded by beautiful crimson gorges, Alice Springs offers some of the most memorable and enjoyable walks countrywide. It also offers incredible desert vistas.

  2. Broome Western Australia

    Camels walking on Cable Beach, Broome, Western Australia | © bmphotographer/Shutterstock

    Located on the Indian Ocean, Broome is a beautiful town where much of local life and tourist interest revolve around pearls. Due to its proximity to Asia, Asian influences can be felt all around Broome, especially in the town’s architecture which is somewhat reminiscent of that of mainland China. In addition to fishing pearls right from the sea here, Broome has many stunning beaches. One of them, Cable Beach, is known as a perfect surfing spot as well as a place where tourists can take camel rides along the beach at sunset.

  3. Birdsville | Queensland

    Dreamtime Serpent near Birdsville | © Michael Leslie/Shutterstock

    Traditional outback pubs and annual races have made Birdsville a notable town to explore. Surrounded by Queensland wilderness, Birdsville enjoys both the beauty of the Diamantina River and the starkness of the Simpson Desert. September is the best time to visit, as this is when the horse races take place, but the town remains a must-see at other periods as well. With its heritage buildings, impressive sand dunes nearby and the flights to scenic Lake Eyre, Birdsville is a great spot from which to explore outback Australia.

  4. Central Tilba | New South Wales

    Central Tilba in its idyllic setting near Narooma in New South Wales, Australia | © FiledIMAGE/Shutterstock

    Central Tilba is a beautiful historic town with many old-fashioned leatherwork, artisanal crafts, antique and blacksmith shops. Central Tilba is also home to a cheese factory; go for the delicious tastings. As Central Tilba has been well preserved, it is also a great place to get the sense of an authentic 19th century town in. Moreover, this secluded and lovely town is only minutes away from some of the country’s most pristine beaches.

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  5. Esperance | Western Australia

    Twilight bay, Australia | © Tomas Sykora/Shutterstock

    As soon as you gaze at one of the many white-sand beaches with crystal clear waters in Esperance, it becomes obvious why many refer to it as the most beautiful coastline in the country. This beautiful and green town offers plenty of diving, swimming and surfing opportunities. Esperance is also home to a couple of salt lakes, and bathing in them is considered to be therapeutic. Five national parks offer hiking, fishing and off road four-wheel drive opportunities nearby. Esperance has many wind turbines around, which reflect its commitment to renewable energy.

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