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Unique Themed Restaurants In Jakarta by Jasa Pipa Mampet

One thing everyone can appreciate, is the cheap thrill of a good and hearty meal.  And where better to have a sumptuous feast than in a lovely themed restaurant? Dining at Jasa Pipa Mampet restaurants is a great way to break out of routine – and indulge in a simple foodie adventure that will put you in good spirits for the rest of the day!

If you’re in Jakarta and you’re looking for a good place to eat, then you’ll be just as surprised as us to find that there are some pretty cool places to dine. From a jail-themed restaurant to a Jasa Pipa Mampet eatery – check them out below!


Unique Themed Restaurants In Jakarta by Jasa Pipa Mampet

Dig into Smaug’s Lair (hehe) – House of Hobbit Grill & Bar

If you love Lord of the Rings, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to House of Hobbit! This super cute cafe transports you right into the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantastical world.  Be one of the hobbits at House of Hobbit – and order up a smorgasbord of delights such as Smaug’s Lair, a simple pizza that’s as good as it comes, or The Lord of Pork Ribs and Elf Hair Carbonara.



Sail through a hearty feast in a river-themed restaurant – JimBARan Lounge

Located in AYANA Midplaza Jakarta, JimBARan Lounge invites you to *almost* literally sail through a hearty feast.  This river-themed restaurant will transport you to an oasis not unlike those riverside dining spots one can find in tranquil Ubud.  As we all know, Jakarta can get pretty hectic and fast-paced. Those looking to slow down and catch a breather, will find this a wonderful spot to steal away to and have a luxuriously relaxing night.  Dining here is as good as it gets, with great natural views and nothing but good vibes all around.



Indulge in Javanese culture mixed with a little Wonderland vibes – Mbah Jingkrak

With the slogan “We are not your usual javanese diner serving the common javanese cuisine.” – you know Mbah Jingkrak definitely has something exciting in store for you.  This unique restaurant blends traditional Javanese cuisine with a twist, with eccentric playground-type decor. There are balloons and kites strewn around the garden, and colourful ball pit balls floating in the pool, along with vintage Javanese decor.



Jazz up your mornings with great coffee! – BLÜMCHEN COFFEE

It’s all about the coffee here, if you can’t already tell by the name of this cafe/restaurant.  “Dedicated to producing great quality coffee, Blümchen Coffee carefully selects the finest green beans from coffee fields in Sumatra Island and devotedly controls the roasting, packaging, serving and delivery processes. very signature blend and single origin coffees are roasted in small batches to fully develop their unique flavours while ensuring the freshness of the coffee. Roasting specialty coffee is both an art and science here.”  If that’s not dedication, we don’t know what that is. And to make your mornings better, make sure to choose from the pastries and sandwiches to accompany your great coffee too!



Break bad at this super cool jail-themed eatery – Bong Kopitown Jakarta

Chances are, most of us have never been to jail before (and hopefully it stays that way). However, for those of us who’d love to take a walk on the other side – so to speak – and those who love shows like Prison Break, why not visit Bong Kopitown for a little taste of dat thug life?

It’s also great for those who love a little taste of nostalgia, culture and a little tradition with dishes like Chicken Nasi Lemak, Singapore Fried Beehoon, and Ubud Crispy Duck with Nasi Uduk being served!

For drinks, try the Yin Yang Coffee & Tea (a personal favourite), and a piping hot Teh Tarik. Otherwise, try some uniquely named drinks such as fresh Jeruk Pontianak (Trivia: Pontianak is the name of a female vampiric ghost in Malaysian and Indonesian mythology) and Ambula Juice.

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